Arlin Fehr

Arlin Fehr has written fantastical stories since he was old enough to
know how to write. He has stumbled across old work assignments from
elementary school that prove as much. Thankfully, he has gotten much
better over the years, both in grammar, in being able to make a
believable narrative, and in believable universes. Flying to the moon
in a bubble was not a feasible method of space travel, thank you very
much six year old Arlin. Nevertheless, some of that youthful wonder
still lives on.

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A trifecta of Pizza, Lasagna, and Spaghetti.

That's like asking my to pick my favorite limb. I mean I am fond of walking, but also equally found of using my arms. If I had to pick, under penalty of death, I would have to say Star Trek. In large part because at it's core, it is fundamentally optimistic
about our future. Though anything with Star in the name seems to be stacked in my favor. Star Wars, Stark Trek, Stargate as examples. And Honorable mention goes to Synchronicity Wars, as far as time based warfare is concerned, it is one of the best takes on it I have ever read.

Magical Kingdom of Landover. Oh what a great series and just a generally great universe. It's so... whimsical, yet still manages demons and villains evil enough to take seat with any of the greats. The Mark is a terrifying beast.

I write because there are universes trapped in my
head begging to get out. I write because I love the chance to make
people smile, to give them escape, to let them find some enjoyment in
the midst of the challenges of life. I write, because I want to make
the same kind of things I enjoy, to inspire other people to do the
same, so I can have even more to enjoy!

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