Genesis Project Timeline

This is a brief overview of the history of the Universe...

The Ages of Infinity

The time period before the Genesis Project

Year 1 of the Ages of Infinity


In the dawn of a new age of existence, a female child is created by the most powerful Mystics of the last age under the direction of the Guardian of the Universe, Virgo. The child is called Infinity, and she will grow to be the next Guardian of the Universe.

Year 14 of the Ages of Infinity


At fourteen, Infinity begins her training. She is paired with other Guardians of the Universe, who were created at the same time as her. Her best friend at this time is a girl named Seraph. They are trained by a powerful Mystic called Stormwind, and go on many adventures.

Year 24 of the Ages of Infinity


Infinity and her fellow Guardians have completed their training. They head out to their areas of the Universe to begin work as official Guardians. Infinity meets her Assistant, a small, robed, floating Mystic, with a childlike personality, called Greeble. On their first mission they find a man, who, like Infinity, was created, but he is one of the Great Mystics, who was formed out of dreams and visions of the past, present and future.
Together Infinity, Greeble, and the Blue Mystic, Shmendal, fight a dark power called Horrow, and truly become Guardians of the Universe.

Year 2299 of the Ages of Infinity


As a dark shadow of evil moves from the inky reaches of space, Infinity goes to the King of Heaven, one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, to ask for his help. She is refused, and must look elsewhere. Infinity, Shmendal, and Greeble call on old friends and allies. Seraph returns to help Infinity with a race of beings she has helped create, who are named after her.
In an attempt to find the power necesary to destroy the forces of evil, Infinity and Shmendal seek out the lost Armour of Shadows, from the previous age. Shmendal takes on the mantle and becomes the warrior, Shadow Wolf.
Togeher Shmendal, Infinity, and their Alliance of Light destroys the dark shadow, Duurgan, and his Forces of Night.

Year 999,999,989,999 of the Ages of Infinity


Infinity, Shadow Wolf, and Greeble are witness to the birth of a new race into the Universe. They help lead and guide these people, with the aide of the Seraphs. The new people are named Emahra, and Infinity is sure they will be important in the future.

999,999,999,979th Year of the Ages of Infinity


The actual beginning of the Shatter Wars is disputed, but the great Battle of of Ragar's Cluster is seen by many as the true beginning, although its roots reach thousands of years into history. 
At the Battle of Ragar's Cluster, Infinity, Shadow Wolf, and Greeble fight along with heroes the side of light, but lose the day.
Infinity sees a dark vision of the future, and witnesses the death of the Ages of Infinity, but also hope for a new age that will follow.

999,999,999,989th Year of the Ages of Infinity


The Shatter War sees its final days. Heroes are lost as the froces of evil are defeated. In the final battle, the great warrior and defender of the age, Infinity, is killed. The last of the Seraph Warriors fall with her. The Daughter of the last Seraphs, Hart, is adopted by the Emahra royalty and made a Princess.

999,999,999,999th Year of the Ages of Infinity


In a dying Universe, an average man, Nell Sorrow, is recruited by Beings of Light, to help a young woman, Genesis, to find a series of keys that will defeat the evil Regol, and help keep the Universe from withering away. Sacrifice and danger lead to a final confrontation and the end of one age, is the beginning of something new.


From the HELL WAR to the PALTIAN WAR

10-600 Years after the Shatter Wars


Though Genesis managed to breathe new life into the Universe, a portal to Hell was opened, and the Demons have flooded into the Universe. Myklor the King of Devils and Hell arises and declares war on everyone, and thus begins the Hell War.
During this time, heroes like Blue Wolf rise, and Ravania, the Daughter of Alathor and the Demon Ravan is born, a hope for the Universe.
Nell and Ravania have their first interactions at this time, and finally after long and tumultious paths, they stand together at the end of the Hell War, as Ravania drives Myklor back into Hell.
The end of the Hell War is the beginning of a new age.

1 Year after the Hell War


A year after the Hell War, Ravania, the Queen of the Emahra officially sets up the Council of Fifteen, to help her govern her area of the Universe, which includes the realms her Father Ravan conqured during the Hell War. The Overdawn Council, a powerful government who oversees things in the wider Universe, begins at this time to put pressure on Ravania to marry a man of power and prestige, who is similar to Ravan, to oversee the dark realms. Ravania will not take part in a political marriage.
Ravania is in love with Nell, and will not heed the Overdawn Council. However, politics and evil forces conspire to keep them apart. During this era, Ravania changes, it seems a part of her is missing and Nell becomes a Shadow Traveller. Later, during another horrible War, to help fight evil, Nell has himself split into fifteen versions of himself. Ravania is given in marriage to many powerful monsters, all who end up betraying her in the end.
After long eons, the Emahra have died out or vanished, except Ravania. Many of the ancient races who were on the Council of Fifteen have vanished too. Ravania dissolves the Council and creates the Council of Wisdom to replace it.

22,981 - 10,000 Before the Curse


Long, long after the dissolving of the Council of Fifteen, the Lurin Empire rises in Ravania's home galaxy. She helps them form the Verin Warriors, and they rise to great power, thier Empire lasts more than ten thousand years. 

10,064 BTC


Following wars with the Rodnok, the Paltian heir, Dykyn, is sent to a planet in another Galaxy, where he trains to use Mahgic, which he hopes will help him keep his people safe from all threats, and destroy the Rodnok once and for all. He crosses paths with the Mahgic user, Azra, who has his own adventures in the Anciantos realm of the Galaxy, which will come to be known as the Third Galaxy, during the time of the Kasna.

10,010 - 10,000 BTC


Years after his time training on the distant alien world, Dykyn, as Emperor of the Paltian people, leads a war against the Lurin Empire. He feels he must destroy them in his quest to creat a deivice called a Heaven's Gate that he will use to storm the Gates of Heaven and kill God. The Lurin Empire falls, its remnants become the foundations of the Kasna Republik that rises out of the ashes. Dykyn fails to storm Heaven, but in his attempt, he and all of his people, end up transforming into Darkones - undead beings of dark energy. They are thrust into an Underworld where they are trapped.

Genesis Project Time Line

First Age of the Kasna

First Year of the New Kasna Calendar (10,000 BTC)


On a planet called Kasnatia, a world that was used as a genetic testing ground during the Paltian War, the Kasna people are dying from one of the horrible experements conducted on them. In this time of darkness a Prophet Desshar comes down from a mountain with a woman. They heal the people. The survivours have a mystical energy in their blood. Desshar teaches them how to harness it. He sets up the Kasna Republik and the Kalek Warriors.

1 - 1010 NKC (10,000 - 8990 BTC)


With a second chance, the Kasna begin to grow and prosper under the guidence of the revered Prophet Desshar.

1010 - 4090 NKC (8990 - 4900 BTC)


Desshar leads the Kasna to space, and they expand out from the Galactic core, building their Republik on the remnants of the Lurin Empire.

4090 - 9000 NKC (4900 - 1000 BTC)


The Kasna Republik, with their vast starfleets and Kalek defenders have a golden age, expanding into three galaxies. The galaxies of the Kasna Republik are so named, the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Galaxies.

9000 NKC (1000 BTC)


The Kasna become a rich, proud people, turning their backs on the teachigs and traditions of Desshar.
This is also the era of the fall of a powerful race from the Second Galaxy called Kashna.

9900 New Kasna Calendar


One hundred years before the end of the First Age of the Kasna, a misunderstanding between the Kasna and the Xioon leads to war. The war is short and bloody. In the end, politicians make the decision to exterminate the warlike Xioon. They use a horrible weapon that when unleashed, nearly wipes all Xioon from the face of the Universe.

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


In a time of pride, war, and decadence, the Kasna have decided they will storm the Gates of Heaven and become gods. Maff and Yong Kidfar have created a device called Heaven's Gate. With government backing and money, they are prepared to lead their people into a new age. But the Heaven's Gate is a disaster, and the future is a tumultious one. 

Genesis Project Timeline

Second Age of the Kasna

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


After the Heaven's Gate disaster, a Prophet appears on the ancient mountain Desshar came down from and tells the Kasna they are cursed for trying to storm the Gates of Heaven.

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


Death and devastation have followed in the wake of the Heaven’s Gate catastrophe.
Vong Kidfar and his family are now outcasts, hated by their own people. Despair has clouded his mind, pulling him into a well of anger and bitterness.
When Rocky Bluestar, Vong’s one time girlfriend, disappears, taking on the task of finding her is all Vong can to do hold himself together.
But will his quest to find Rocky elevate him, or drive him down an even darker path?

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


Continuing his search for his lost friend, Vong Kidfar descends into the Depths of Kasnatia’s Capital City.
Unbeknownst to him, his actions are playing into the machination of Dragon, the Kingpin of the Underworld.
What sinister ends does this Kingpin have in store for the young Kidfar? 

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


Despite his best efforts to escape Dragon, Vong Kidfar's quest to find Rocky Bluestar is at an end, and his battle to retain the pieces of his shattered life has begun.
Elsewhere, the Keeper of the Undead continues his search for the lost Kal’sek Warriors. His quest leads him to a little known world, where a dark power sits as god over a lost tribe of Kal’sek. Who is this ancient being who calls himself Dragon. What will Mykyn do, when these two titans of power cross paths?

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


War in the Kasna Republik!
With the Heaven’s Gate Incident behind them, the Kasna must now deal with the evil Raath.
Still reeling from the loss of his Father and Grandfather, Vong Kidfar has sunk into an existence of anger and bitterness. Hungry to lash out at someone, Vong volunteers to fight on the front lines of the war, on the dangerous, embattled planet, Rokina…
Little does Vong know, the Raath are not the only danger he will face…

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


Vong Kidfar’s next step may be his last.
Shot down on the embattled planet, Rokina, he was pursued and hunted. Now in the safty of the Kalek army, Vong is out for revenge after the deaths of his teacher and friend.
With so much loss heaped upon the Kalek Learner since the Heaven’s Gate disaster, Vong has slid into an abyss of anger, bitterness and hatred. This is exactly where the Raath want him to be. In his quest to destroy them, will Vong fall to their beguiling lies and join them? 

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


The Raath have been defeated, Vosk Balum is the new leader of the Kalek. On his first mission as the new President, he and his team are caught in the games of one of the most evil Kal’sek to ever live… will he and his Kalek team be able to survive Lady Venom?
Elsewhere, Ravania, the Guardian of the Universe, is dying. Her recent battle with the Keeper of the Undead has left her broken. Now, Nell Sorrow, calling on the help of his Brother, Mark and the Warrior, Poem, must follow a trail through outer powers, seeking the one called Baal. He may have knowledge to save Ravania… the truth, however, is even more shocking than Nell could have imagined!

10,000 New Kasna Calendar


In the hands of the sadistic Lady Venom, the hopes of Vosk and his Kalek of ever getting home, look slim. Little do they know, a shadowy benefactor has dispatched the notorious Black Hunter, to round up a team of mercenaries and save the Kalek from their evil captor.
Meanwhile, Budd Nakoo and his BNK companion, Eva, are trying to stay one step ahead of Hunter, who is doing everything he can to capture them and take them to his shadowy employer. The hunt is on and Budd will have to use every trick in the book to stay alive. 

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