Who Are We?

Most of us grew up together, friends united in our love of Sci-fi and Fantasy. Aaron started the whole writing thing. He drafted his first novel when he was about ten. The years passed and we all joined in on the dream. We developed in our storytelling and for the first time could see our future clearly. This is what we wanted to do... no, that doesn't quite take it far enough. This is the only road that could make us happy.
With the state of current era genre fiction we all feel like now we are needed

We are Ravania Entertainment.
And to us,
Fiction is Life!

Aaron Smith


Author focused on Space Fantasy.

Arlin Fehr


Author focused on SCi-fi.

C.S. Myth


Author focused on Middle-Grade Fantasy.

Patrick Smith


Cover, Conceptartist and really slow author.

Vance Smith


Author focused on Modern Fantasy.

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