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Everyone loves a good book...
There's nothing like sitting down in your favorite nook with a new adventure ready to be cracked open.
Are you ready?
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Space Fantasy

Before time was recorded...
Beings of Light walked the stars...
Then one day they breathed life into the Universe...
It was their Legacy...
A Great Project...


Guardian Saga

Science Fiction

'I am unsure how to answer the question Advocate. I do not know how to classify myself as nice or not.'

Jack Lantern

Modern Fantasy

"There isn’t much to tell, honestly. I am a dude, I am a little older than you would think… I like to help people. Not that I am bragging, but I am a pretty good shot with a gun… Oh, and I’m magic… oh! And I have a Pumpkin for a head… so that is a thing."

Shadow Mountain

Modern Fantasy

For Centuries the Gateway between our world and the magical world has been guarded by gatekeepers, to protect each side from the other.

The Wishcharmer Saga


Snakecharmers are super impressive... Until you meet a Wishcharmer!

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